Meet Our Senior Team


Ray McKiernan – Director

Ray McKiernan MA is the founder and a director of Resilience International, and a specialist skills trainer, lecturer, and training consultant. Ray is also a Director of The Stress Management Institute.

Having completed his clinical training in Mind-Body Medicine in the Harvard Medical School in Boston, Ray became certified as a Stress & Wellness Consultant with the internationally renowned Hans Selye Foundation in Canada. He is a fellow of the American Institute of Stress.

A leading authority on evidence based interventions for managing pressure and building resilience in the workplace, Ray has over 20 years’ experience delivering skills development programmes for employees working under pressure. Ray designs and delivers specialist resiliency based programmes, incorporating the latest biofeedback technologies, to senior managers at some of the most progressive organisations in Ireland, Europe, Africa and the US.

A seasoned international conference speaker, Ray was an invited speaker at the Irish Medical Organisations National Conference on Engaging for Change, and was voted best speaker at the European Health Conference hosted by the Actuarial Profession. Ray is a Keynote Speaker on IBEC’s Who’s Blue Programme on Stress, anxiety and Depression in the workplace. He also presents, specialist seminars to many different professional organisations including The Central Bank, The Institute of Bankers, The Law Society, The Sales Institute, The Employee Assistance Professionals Association and Concern Worldwide.

In addition, Ray delivers stress management trainer programmes to occupational health professionals working in many areas including Human Resources, Psychology, Psychotherapy, Employee Assistance, and Palliative Care. He is a lecturer and specialist skills trainer on stress and resilience to psychotherapy students at postgraduate level.


Susan Eustace – Clinical Director

Susan is Clinical Director of Resilience International and has responsibility for psychological aspects of all training interventions within our portfolio.

She holds a BA in pure Psychology from UCD, graduated with an MA in Counselling Psychology from Trinity College Dublin and is currently completing her Doctoral thesis.

Susan lectures in Counselling Psychology on the Doctorate Program at Trinity College Dublin and also lectures on psychology and psychotherapy at Hibernia College and DBS School of Arts. In addition she is an experienced facilitator on specialist workshops on Coping, Resilience and Self-Care skills.

Susan also has a private practice in the Centre for Professional Therapy in Dublin.


Noeleen Gordon – Client Relationship Manager

Noeleen holds a B.A. (Hons) in Psychology from UCD completing her thesis on motivation within organisations, and subsequently completed a H.Dip in Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy with St. Vincent’s University Hospital and UCD. She also holds a professional certificate in Stress Management Training with the Stress Management Institute of Ireland.

She has overall responsibility for client company support and for the coordination of all training programmes and professional services within Resilience International. In addition she oversees all Psychometric Assessments and collaborates with the Directors on the design, development and evaluation of the training programmes within Resilience International’s portfolio.