Building Resilience for Change

apple-orangeThis training teaches the key competencies for developing innovation, creativity and managing change. Every change involves challenge, unpredictability and uncertainty, all of which are the hallmarks of stressors and the cause of much anxiety and even depression in the workplace. A successful change management programme relies on employees who are resilient, engaged and good problem solvers. Many change management processes fail simply because they are introduced to a workforce that already has a low level of resilience. Low resilience leads to a fear of change, to uncertainty, negativity, gossip and cynicism, therefore management should be trained in resilience at the earliest phase of change. This training emphasises the benefit of resilient communication and consultation with the wider organisation when dealing with challenging times.

Enhancing resilience increases the capacity within the organisation for managing challenge and change more effectively, providing a foundation for critical evaluation, constructive consultation, coherent decision making, strategic planning and collaborative implementation. These are the essential components of a successful transformation process.

Ray is an excellent individual to work with. He took time to listen and understand what we were looking for, who the audience would be and what were their needs. He then delivered a session that more than exceeded what we had agreed. I would highly recommend Ray to any organisation either as a trainer or consultant - the outcome will always be positive.