Resilience International and the Stress Management Institute provide instructor level training for professionals who wish to acquire the skills necessary to teach Stress Management in a variety of work environments. On completion of the course individuals are equipped to provide training to relevant employees/clients as required. These programmes are designed for targeted professionals or as an in-house solution for Occupational Therapist or Human Resource Departments. We have provided instructor level programme to Beaumont Hospital, The Irish Defence forces, Arc Cancer Support Service, The Irish Hospice Foundation and divisions within the HSE.


This 20 hour training programme is designed for professional and personal growth. This programme will introduce participants to the eight most effective scientifically proven techniques to manage and combat the effects of stress. Participants will learn to design a training strategy for their targeted populations using these proven techniques. This programme is experiential in nature and is facilitated in a relaxed and supportive manner with emphasis on personal engagement. Participants will explore the most effective techniques for managing stress including breathing techniques, progressive muscular relaxation, visualization, autogenics, meditation, cognitive restricting, exercise and coping.


This 40 hour training programme is designed for professionals who wish to acquire the skills necessary to teach Stress Management in a variety of professional environments. Participants will discover how learning theory is used effectively to promote behaviour change in a teaching or training environment. Participants will deepen skills learned in Part 1 and will explore further components of effective Stress Management including Mindfulness, Releasing Muscular Tensions, Nutrition, Managing Emotion, Resilience and dealing with Personality Factors.
Trainers will investigate the interrelationships between Stress, emotional intelligence and Trauma. This is a ‘train the trainer’ course and participants will be required to pass a professional suitability evaluation at the end of the course.

All our professional trainers have experience lecturing and training at postgraduate level. For more information, click here.