Why do we need resources ? 

Here are some interesting resources designed to help inform on how to build Resilience

Try our Resilience Questionnaire to see if you would like to learn more about your level of Resilience

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Dr Mike Evans talks on why sometimes the counter-intuitive may be beneficial......


 Here are some evidence based soundtracks for helping you or someone you know and care about elicit a Relaxation Response.

 Dr Herbert Benson has shown that people who practice these Relaxation Techniques can impact their own genome.

This is called the epigenetic phenomenon and practising these techniques has been proven to impact beneficially on energy production, fatigue, inflammation and Oxidative Stress. If you want a catch all to describe these ...think of aging !

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 Why Humour ?

Well simply humour stimulates the more advanced structures in the brain.These structures are involved in down regulating the stress response. But don't take our word for it give the videos below a whirl and see for your self.

This is called experiential learning!



Here is an example of creative advertising